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You need movements you can rely on to bring the results your patients and clients deserve. You know many techniques, but you may not know the logic or intent behind them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We developed Functional Techniques to provide movement professionals, like you, with a set of movements you can trust, the knowledge of when to use them, and the understanding of how they will benefit those you serve. You’ll “level up” your training, education, and outcomes as you learn several reliable, evidence-based movements. and gain a working understanding of a tool you can use to discern the purpose of movements you encounter in the future.


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More than 250,000 Trained The techniques in this course have been used by movement professionals all across the world in the fields of prevention, performance, and rehabilitation.

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Functional Techniques

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Experience the course at your own pace through our convenient online learning system. All course content is accessible from any internet-connected device. The course takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete.

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A Quick Comparison of Functional Techniques with our Most Popular Courses


Functional Techniques begins to empower Movement Professionals with the “why” of movement and equips them with a useful set of functional techniques. Through Foundations, participants will gain an understanding of the principles and strategies of Applied Functional Science through an abundance of techniques useful for enhancing rehabilitation, performance, and prevention.

Three key deliverables of Foundations are the importance of real and relative motion (joints), the actual function of muscles, and how to authentically activate proprioceptors.

Typically, professionals enroll in Foundations after taking Functional Techniques, especially when they want a deeper understanding of the science of functional movement.


3DMAPS provides a deep understanding of several principles and strategies in human movement, including extensive training on an analysis and assessment tool used to purposefully advance your patients & clients toward success. In contract, Functional Techniques delivers a smaller set of movements based on several principles and strategies of Applied Functional Science, including a few from 3DMAPS.

All of the movements introduced in Functional Techniques are tied directly to the Functional Movement Spectrum, which is covered in more detail in 3DMAPS.

Functional Techniques is "what to do" mixed with a little "why it matters." 3DMAPS is "how to do it" and "why you do it" so you understand "what to do" when the need arises.

Typically, professionals enroll in 3DMAPS after they have taken Foundations to gain the ability to analyze human movement and develop a path to success for those they serve.


CAFS provides tools to develop treatment, and training programs customized to the needs of those you serve whereas Functional Techniques provides a smaller number of movements which are effective for the general population.

In CAFS, you'll gain an understanding of how to develop local movement strategies and movement progressions which can be used to create custom functional corrective exercises.

CAFS is intended for trainers and therapists who desire a deep understanding of functional movement where Functional Techniques is targeted to professionals who simply want a set of reliable movements at their disposal.

Typically, professionals enroll in CAFS after taking 3DMAPS to gain a wide variety of ways to customize movement to correct dysfunction.

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