About Gray Institute®

Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. Gray Institute® has helped over 250,000 movement professionals accelerate their careers by becoming the Go-To Movement Professional. Our unique content is available in multiple formats: our mobile app, live events, certifications, specializations, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and through other functional products and equipment.

Gray Institute® exists to influence the lives of others through movement. Whether you are a movement practitioner or consumer, you will be able to take your knowledge to the next level with Gray Institute®!

Gary Gray Speaking in front of a Group

What Is Applied Functional Science®?

Applied Functional Science® (AFS) is the thread running throughout all that Gray Institute® delivers. AFS is based on science—not theory —that strategically leads to the most effective and efficient techniques for individuals. AFS influences and enhances the entire Movement Industry: performance/training and conditioning, prevention, and rehabilitation.

AFS is the convergence of the Physical (the world we live in), Biological (the miracle of the human body), and Behavioral Sciences (the power of the mind and spirit). The Physical Sciences considers and leverages the impact of Environment, Gravity, Ground Reaction Force, Mass, and Momentum. on the human body. The Biological Sciences consider and leverage the impact of Motion, Reaction, Proprioceptors, Muscles, Joints, Task, Specificity, and Mobility/ Stability on the human body. Meanwhile, the Behavioral Sciences consider and leverage the impact of Success, Encouragement, Locus of Control, Empowerment, Relevance, and Significance on the Human body. Together, these sciences form a powerful, scientifically-based, and context-specific approach to treatment that leads to better individualized outcomes.

Our History

Gray Institute® is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery, and delivery of Applied Functional Science®. While “function” is common language in the movement industry, Gray Institute® is the authentic source and foremost authority on function. Gray Institute® originated with Gary Gray, referred to as the “Father of Function.” Gary’s ability to understand Human Biomechanics and look at the body as a Chain Reaction® launched a second-to-none institute known as Gray Institute®.

Gray Institute® has influenced the lives of thousands, both directly and indirectly. The institute’s mobile app, exercise library, live events, certifications, specializations, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and functional products and equipment have revolutionized the Movement Industry. Gray Institute® has prided itself on constantly learning more, applying more, and upping its standard of delivering information to the masses. The institute exists to equip both individuals and professionals with information to ultimately enhance the lives of others